Exploring the Omo Valley (14 Days & 13 Nights)

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Tour Code:        OTE-3001

Duration:           14 Days and 13 Night

Tour Title:         Exploring the Omo Valley

Ethiopia’s wealth of historic sites and an identity defined by its own history and diverse cultures rather than by colonialism is what distinguishes it from most other African destinations.

The well known historian Conti-Rossini called Ethiopia as "a country of mosaic of cultures." For the basic reason that, in the country, 83 languages and 200 dialects are spoken and You find these people living in harmony with diversity – all having their own costumes, religions, rituals, festivals, hair styles, songs, dances and arts - all unique in their own way.

We therefore, believe that the following tour programs open an extraordinary opportunity to meet some of the more remote ethnic groups of the fascinatingly diverse areas surrounding the Omo River in South West Ethiopia. So, with our itineraries we will look in to this fascinating region with an aim to learn about the varied ethnic groups who inhabit the region; to list a few- THE MURSI, renowned for their lip-plates, THE KONSO, famous for their terraced farming and THE HAMER, famous for their bull jumping ceremony (rite of passage ceremony).

Join us for a journey through one of Africa's least explored country; we (OMO TOURS & CAR RENT) are ready to take you to such fascinatingly diverse areas.

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DAY 1.    Arrive at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport & transfer to hotel for overnight stay. Overnight Hotel
DAY 2.    After breakfast in the hotel leave Addis Ababa and drive about 240kms to Hosana visiting the archaeological site of Melka Kunture, the monolithic stelae site of Tiya and the 12th century rock hewn church of Adadi Mariam. Overnight Hotel
DAY 3.    Morning, drive about 255kms to Arbaminch, on the way take some stop over to visit the Wolayta people and their houses. After lunch, ascend to Guge Mountain, to visit the Dorze tribe and their magnificent beehive shaped hut, false banana cultivations and weaving culture. Overnight Paradise Lodge
DAY 4.    In the morning, drive about 25kms to Netchsar National Park, the home of the rare endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest, Burchell’s Zebra, Grant’s gazelle and numerous birds. In the afternoon take a boat trip on Lake Chamo to see hippos, large size crocodiles and birds. Overnight Paradise Lodge
DAY 5.    After breakfast in the lodge leave Arbaminch and drive about 250kms to Jinka via Konso, visit the Darashe people and their village en route; have your lunch at Weito then continue driving to Jinka exploring Tsemay and Benna tribal village, and if the day is Thursday there is a chance to attend the colorful Keyafer Market which is attended by the BENNA, TSEMAY and ARI tribal groups. Overnight Hotel
DAY 6.    Morning, drive about 90kms to Mago National park & make an excursion tour to see and appreciate the very attractive culture of Mursi tribe. They are renowned for the strange custom pursued by their women, who on reaching maturity, have their lower lips pierced and pop in a “terra cotta” (circular clay disc). Overnight Hotel
DAY 7.    In the morning, drive about 130kms to Turmi, settlement of the Hamer tribe via Dimeka and Key Afer exploring the Hamer and Benna tribal village and if the day is Saturday there is a chance to attend the colorful Dimeka market and encounter three different tribal group like the HAMER, KARO and BENNA. Overnight Lodge
DAY 8.    Drive about 65kms for a full day excursion to Murelle. Here one can visit the Karo ethnic groups, experts in body painting. After having lunch drive to Kangatan and cross the Omo River by locally made boat to see the tribal village of the NYANGATOM/BUME people, then drive back to Turmi for dinner and overnight stay. Overnight Lodge
DAY 9.    Drive about 75kms for an excursion to DASENECH people; who inhabited in the bank of Omo River and cross the Omo River by locally made boat to see the village. After lunch break in the lodge, drive to the nearby Hamer tribal village to experience their way of life & then drive back to Turmi for dinner and overnight stay. Overnight Lodge
DAY 10.    Morning, leave Turmi and drive about 195kms to Konso, on the way visit the Arbore tribal village. After lunch break in Konso, pay time to explore the Konso tribal village, meet their chief and learn their way of life; late afternoon, drive back to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay. Overnight Lodge
DAY 11.    Morning,  drive to visit the very famous village known as Gesrgeyo inhabited by the Konso tribal people & proceed to the famous place called "New York" to witness unique land formation, then drive back to the hotel for lunch break. In the afternoon, drive about 110kms to the city of Yabello through the admirable Borena tribal villages. Overnight Hotel
DAY 12.    In the morning, drive about 105kms to lake El-Sod meaning “Salt House" to visit how the Borena tribe extract salt from the lake and then drive back to Yabello for lunch. After lunch, drive about 240kms to Yirgalem through the scenic Sidama plain. En route visit the Gujji tribe, coffee and Enset (false Banana) plantation. Late in the afternoon, walk in the lodge ground and surrounding forest to see wild animals such as hyenas. Overnight Lodge
DAY 13.    After breakfast, visit the Sidama tribal villages around Yirgalem & proceed driving about 90kms to Wendo Genet, known for its thermal hot spring. In the afternoon, trek through the Juniper plantation in searching of hot springs (most of them have curative power & locally used if for boiling egg, potatoes, corn, etc) & forest endemic birds. Overnight Lodge
DAY 14.    In the morning, commence driving about 265kms back to Addis Ababa through the marvelous Rift Valley lakes of Langano and Ziway. In the afternoon, half day city tour of the capital city including MERKATO, the largest open-air market in Africa. In the evening, departure

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