Addis – Debrelibanos

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Tour Code: OTE-1003

Tour Title: Addis – Debrelibanos

Duration:  One Day

Transportation:  Surface driving

With one –two days distance from Addis Ababa, there are so many historical and cultural tourist attractions that can be a good choice both for international and domestic travelers. Melka kunture prehistoric site, Adadi Mariam rock hewn church, Tiya world heritage site, Debrelibanos monastery and the Blue Nile gorge, Wonchi Crater lakes ,Bishoftu Crater lakes and ,Abijata-Shalla national park and Awasa town and its fabulous tourist sites are some of the major tourist attractions found around Addis Ababa.

Join us for a journey through one of Africa's least explored country; we (OMO TOURS & CAR RENT) are ready to take you to such fascinatingly diverse areas.




Tour Code:     OTE-1003
Duration:        One day
Tour Title:      Addis – Debrelibanos

Morning, drive about 106kms to the northern parts of Ethiopia to a place called Debre libanos, built & founded by Abba libanos who came to Ethiopia with the nine saints of the 6th century A.D & visit the modern church built by Emperor Hailesellassie I & the ancient cave where Abune Tekelehaimanot lost his one leg praying for 22 years, which is now serving as a place where people get holy water for their treatment and get cured from many diseases. After lunch, visit the Portuguese bridge built by the Portuguese (built from the local material and has unique architectural design) in the 17th century. Late afternoon, drive back to Addis Ababa.










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