Cultural Tour (9 Days & 8 Nights)

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Tour Code:        OTE-3003

Duration:           9 Days and 8 Night

Tour Title:         Cultural Tour

Ethiopia’s wealth of historic sites and an identity defined by its own history and diverse cultures rather than by colonialism is what distinguishes it from most other African destinations.

The well known historian Conti-Rossini called Ethiopia as "a country of mosaic of cultures." For the basic reason that, in the country, 83 languages and 200 dialects are spoken and You find these people living in harmony with diversity – all having their own costumes, religions, rituals, festivals, hair styles, songs, dances and arts - all unique in their own way.

We therefore, believe that the following tour programs open an extraordinary opportunity to meet some of the more remote ethnic groups of the fascinatingly diverse areas surrounding the Omo River in South West Ethiopia. So, with our itineraries we will look in to this fascinating region with an aim to learn about the varied ethnic groups who inhabit the region; to list a few- THE MURSI, renowned for their lip-plates, THE KONSO, famous for their terraced farming and THE HAMER, famous for their bull jumping ceremony (rite of passage ceremony).

Join us for a journey through one of Africa's least explored country; we (OMO TOURS & CAR RENT) are ready to take you to such fascinatingly diverse areas.


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Day 1.    Arrive in Addis Ababa & transfer to the hotel for check in. Overnight hotel
Day 2.    Morning, drive to Arbaminch, through the Rift Valley lakes of Ziway, Langano and Abijata-Shalla admiring numerous bird species (mainly pelicans & flamingoes) and on the way take stop over visit to  Wolayta people and their houses. Overnight hotel
Day 3.    Morning, drive to Turmi and on the way admire the Konso, Darashe, Tsemay and Hamer people, famous for their hairstyles and unique cultures and traditions as well as body ornaments. The Konso are famous for their agricultural terracing and village traditions. Overnight camping or Lodge
Day 4.    Early morning an excursion tour to Murelle to visit Karo tribe & the village of Kortcho with its beautiful view over the Omo River. In the afternoon proceed to Omorate on the banks of the Omo River to visit the Dassenech villages. If possible, you will observe a Hamer marriage ceremony with its unique celebrations such as the bull jumping. Overnight camping or Lodge
Day 5.    Drive to Jinka through Key Afer, Dimeka. If it is Tuesday visit market at Dimeka. Overnight hotel
Day 6.    Make an Excursion to visit the Mursi people and villages. Mursi women insert round clay plates in their lips for beauty purpose. Men practice scarification based on the number of enemies or wild animals they have killed in battle. Overnight hotel
Day 7.    Drive back to Arba Minch, on the way visit the Ari, Benna, Tsemay, Darashe and Konso people. If it is Thursday, visit the Tsemay and Erbore at Keyafer market. Overnight hotel
Day 8.    In the morning, drive to the mountains of Chencha; visit beautiful traditional houses, weaving, sorghum and false banana cultivations of the Dorze people. In the afternoon take a boat trip on Lake Chamo to see hippos, large size crocodiles and birds. Overnight hotel
Day 9.    Drive back to Addis drive through Hosanna – Butajira road visiting the Monolithic stelae field of “TIYA” & the rock-hewn church of Adadi Mariam.

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