Ethiopian Rift Valley Nature, people and Culture

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Tour Code:        OTE-9001

Tour Title:         Ethiopian Rift Valley Nature, people and Culture

Duration:           4 Days and 3 Nights

Tour Title:         (Package One) Exotic Tour to Paradise Lodge Arbaminch

Transportation: Surface Driving

Tour briefing: This trip takes you to the Ethiopian Rift Valley representing a sudden drop in the altitude and dividing the country into two unequal parts: East and west. There are chains of Ethiopian Rift valley lakes (Ziway, Langano, Abijata -Shala, Awasa, Abaya and Chamo) inhabited by many species of Avifauna and Flora. The drive to these places via Butajira road also takes you to the pre historic site of Melka Kunture and the world Heritage site of Tiya. The journey also gives you the opportunity of meeting local people and appreciates their diverse culture. Nech Sar national park and its two scenic lakes are the highlights of this trip. The park founded in 1974 protects not only Nech Sar (white Grass) but also significant portion of the two lakes and Yegizer Dildiy (God’s bridge).It also protects many species of endemic, semi endemic mammals and birds including the most commonly seen such as Burchele’s Zebra , Grants Gazelle and Swayne’s hartebeest.

Paradise Lodge: is one of the best lodges in the country founded to provide quality accommodation and catering services. Moreover it has superb location commanding the panoramic view of the two popular Rift Valley Lakes of Abaya and Chamo and also Nech Sar National Park. The lodge is eco-friendly and it is one of the best choices for peaceful
retreat and relaxation for domestic and international travelers in the country.

Join us for a journey through one of Africa's least explored country; we (OMO TOURS & CAR RENT) are ready to take you to such fascinatingly diverse areas.

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Day 1: Addis Ababa-Arbaminch via Butajira Road
Drive to Arbaminch via Butajira road exploring the pre historic site of Melka Kunture, world heritage site of Tiya stele: marking mass grave of warriors buried in foetal position. The drive to Arbaminch via Hosana also gives the opportunity of exploring some attractive scenery, Gurage and Silte people settlements and way of life. Overnight Paradise Lodge/ Ezana Hotel Arbaminch

Day 2 Arbaminch - Nech Sar National Park-Lake Chamo
Morning drive to the highland town of Chencha inhabited by Dorze people. Dorze people are known for their Beehive shaped tukuls built using Enset (false Banana tree) which is among the most distinctive traditional structure and also for their traditional cotton weaving. Then drive back to Arbaminch for lunch and in the afternoon, boat trip on Lake Chamo to explore the lakes and Nechsar National park. Overnight Paradise Lodge / Ezana Hotel Arbaminch

Day 3 Arbaminch -Awasa
Drive to Awasa via the junction town of Shashemene, possibly exploring Senqele Wild life Sanctuary.  Senqele was founded to protect the country’s high concentration of the endemic Swayne's hartebeest. The lake side city of Awasa is situated at an altitude of 1685m within the
Rift valley. The fresh water of the lake supports a rich variety of fish and water birds. Overnight, South Star International/ Haile Resort Awasa.

Day 4 Awasa -Addis Ababa
Morning drive to fish market of Awasa for exploring the lake and the fish market exchange around the shore of the lake and then drive back to Addis Ababa via the junction town of Shashemene exploring the twin Lakes and Abijata -Shala Lakes National park which is inhabited by many species of birds, wild animal and plant life and enroute visit the crater lakes around Bishoftu. Then slow drive to Addis Ababa and end of the tour.

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